I have been creating quilts for over twenty-five years. Designing quilts for exhibitions, quilts that hang on the wall, functional quilts for any number of purposes, even large quilts that grace church sanctuaries. My creations have appeared in juried art shows throughout the country, as well as national publications. Some have toured nationally, especially the social commentary quilts which cover such topics as ethnic cleansing, war, AIDS, hate, intolerance, the fragile earth, the importance of pollinators, as well as leadership and education. These social commentary quilts have never been exhibited as a complete series.

My “healing series” grace an entire Adolescent Psych Wing in a hospital and reflect the importance of nature and the enveloping warmth and comfort of the quilt when the soul and mind are in torment. The spiritual stoles he creates are actually wearable quilts and each is created after extensive interviews with the recipient, thus each is quite personal and unique. All five of the living past and the present presidents of the UUA received one of these stoles at a reception in Boston when they were all together for the first time.