Pearl S. Buck writes:
"The artist and the scientist have much in common. They are profoundly interdependent. They share the creative mind, the irresistible undying need to explore and to know. Perhaps the artist goes one step further. For him the need is also to understand, and understanding, to explain mankind, even to itself.”

The real, but seemingly abstract relationship between the macroscopic and microscopic world is a constant force in my work, having spent many hours looking through microscopes and being keenly interested in outer space and its exploration. I am concerned about the interrelationships of all organisms in their environment and the importance of each within the context of that environment. I guess I often think about the judgments our own species makes about that sensitive relationship and the often fallacious assumptions on which we make them, both politically and economically. 

In my grappling with these issues in my work, I utilize both old and new artistic techniques, approaching with a contemporary twist. Contrasts are explored; lines are direct or subtle; an organic, rhythmic flow meets with a contrapuntal wedge. There is an integration of texture, color, pattern, form, and line quality which creates visual language and metaphor.

  • Trustee Emerita, American Crafts Council, New York, NY, 1998 
  • AMES TREASURE AWARD, ACAC ArtsQuest, Ames, IA, 1998 
  • President, Iowa Designer Crafts Assn, Des Moines, IA, 1995-1997 
  • Iowa Arts Council, Governor appointment 1988-1991, reappointed 1991-1993
    • Chair: Creative Arts/Visual Arts Pilot Grants,
    • Chair: Artists in the Schools,
    • Chair: Individual Artists,
    • Vice-Chair for the Council 1992-1993. 
  • President and Vice-President, Colorado Artists Craftsmen, Denver, CO 1982-1984 
  • Regional representative (SW and NC) to the national Surface Design Association, Education Director 
  • Newsletter Editor and Board of Directors, Evergreen Artists' Association, 1982-1985
  • Exhibiting Membership Status, Iowa Designer Craftsmen, December, 1982
  • Elected to the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington, NZ, 1982 
  • Craftsman-Trustee and Program Chairman for the American Crafts Council, New York, NY,  1984-1988 
  • Delegate to World Crafts Council in Vienna, Austria, summer of 1980 
  • Vice-President and Board of Directors, Iowa Designer Craftsmen, Des Moines, IA
  • President and Board of Directors, Ames Community Theater 
  • Secretary and Board of Directors, Ames International Orchestra Festival Association 
  • Board of Directors, Central Iowa Symphony, Ames, Iowa
  • President and Board of Directors, Ames Chamber Artists
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